[For Naoshima tourists] “OSAKAYA”, a delicious and reasonably priced restaurant near Uno Station

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I would like to introduce the “Fish Set Meal(魚定食)” of the set meal restaurant “OSAKAYA” near JR UNO Station(JR宇野駅) as it was reasonably priced and delicious. Recommended for those who are going sightseeing in Naoshima island and those who have just returned.


Are you looking for a restaurant where you can have lunch before sightseeing on Naoshima Island?

Uno is a port that serves as a tourist base for heading to Naoshima island and other islands.

However, I don’t think there are many ferries going to Naoshima island or trains from Uno to Okayama City.

Therefore, this makes you hungry, so you start looking for a restaurant.

So, this time I would like to introduce OSAKAYA restaurant(大阪屋), which is located near Uno Station(宇野駅) and serves reasonably priced set meals.

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OSAKAYA is located about 5 minutes walk west from Uno Station.

It’s right in front of an intersection, and the atmosphere is like that of a traditional Japanese resutaurant!

I visited the restaurant a few minutes after it opened for lunch on a weekday, but there were already several customers.

The inside of the restaurant is not very large, and there are only 5 or 6 tables that can seat 4 people.

Let’s order when we are seated.

There are some points that you should be careful of here. The thing is that this store only accepts cash payments.

Delicious and reasonably priced fish set meal(魚定食)!


Unfortunately I don’t know if they have an English menu.
Don’t worry when you go out! If you use Google Translate on the official website, you will be able to understand what it is.



However, I will introduce some representative menus.

Fish set meal魚定食/Sakana Teishoku800
Pork cutlet(Tonkatsu) set mealトンカツ定食/Tonkatsu Teishoku850
Chicken and egg bowl(Oyako-don)親子丼/Oyako-don750
Curry and riceカレーライス/Curry rice650
Bear(Middle*) *about 500ml瓶ビール(中)/Bin Beer (Chu)600
*Prices listed on the menu are as of 01/12/2023

fish set meal(魚定食)/800 JPY

This time I will have the most reasonable set meal, the fish set meal(魚定食).

If you choose the fish set meal, first choose one of the several types of fish on the counter.

If you don’t know what to choose, ask the store staff. This is how you say “What do you recommend?” in Japanese.

Osusume wa nan desuka?

This time I also ordered what the staff recommended. That is “Teriyaki mackerel”.

The sweet and salty teriyaki sauce really whets the appetite, doesn’t it? The sauce and mackerel fat make the rice even more delicious.

The miso soup had a dropped egg.

I want to fully enjoy the flavor of the eggs, so I tend to eat them first before they completely dissolve into the miso soup. Not only is the rich egg and light miso soup delicious, but it will also warm your cold body from the inside in this early winter.


This time we introduced “OSAKAYA” restaurant near JR Uno Station.

Whether you’re going to Naoshima island or returning, if you’re looking for lunch or dinner, why not take advantage of the waiting time and try one of OSAKAYA’s delicious food.

Information about restaurant

Restaurant NameOSAKAYA
Address2-3-20 Chikko, Tamano City, Okayama Pref., 706-0002
Number+81 863 21 4026
Business hours11:30-14:30
Regular holidaySunday/Public holiday

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