Without changing trains, from Osaka to Hida Takayama on the “Limited Express Hida”

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Isn’t it difficult to change trains?

Hida Takayama is one of the most scenic tourist destinations in Japan and is popular with both Japanese and foreigners. Some of them will use the train to head there.

As you know, Japan has a well-developed train network and is very convenient.On the other hand, there are many trains that run in urban areas, and it can be said that transfers are complicated.

As usual, you basically need to change trains to go to Takayama from Osaka. However, there is only one train per day that goes from Osaka to Takayama without changing trains.

I would like to introduce this train, including the normal access method.

The usual way to go to Takayama


The following methods are common when traveling from Osaka to Hida Takayama by train.

  • Shinkansen Route
    Shinkansen + Limited Express Train
    (Route:Shin-Osaka -> Tokaido Shinkansen -> Nagoya -> Tokaido Line -> Gifu -> Takayama Line -> Takayama)
  • Normal Train Route
    Rapid/Local Train + Limited Express Train
    (Route:Osaka -> Tokaido Line -> Gifu -> Takayama Line -> Takayama)

Shinkansen Route

This is the most popular method.

First, take the Shinkansen at Shin-Osaka and head to Nagoya. Next, transfer to the Limited Express Hida and head for Takayama.

As will be described later, Limited Express Hida is a limited express that normally departs from Nagoya.

The advantage of this route is the shortest time.

The disadvantage is high cost, and that a transfer occurs once in Nagoya.

Normal Train Route

This route has the most transfers.

First, head to Maibara(Shiga) on the Special Rapid Train(Shin-Kaisoku), then transfer to the train bound for Ogaki(Gifu).Then transfer to a train bound for Nagoya, and transfer to a Limited Express Train Hida at Gifu.

The advantage of this route is the lowest price. Of course, there are cheaper fares if you don’t use the limited express. There are just too few trains and that would be impractical.

1 train per day, using Hida from/to Osaka

I would like to recommend this method.

This is a method of using Limited Express Hida, which has only one train per day and arrives at and departs from Osaka.

The train bound for Takayama is called Limited Express Hida 25, and the train bound for Osaka is called Limited Express Hida 36.

Time table of the train

As of February 2023, it is set as follows.


Train noDep.(Kyoto)Arr.Route
25[Holiday]08:0208:34(D)12:24Osaka to Takayama
25[Weekday]07:5808:31(D)12:24Osaka to Takayama
36[Holiday]15:3319:17(A)19:50Takayama to Osaka
36[Weekday]15:3319:17(A)19:50Takayama to Osaka


Train noDep.(Kyoto)Arr.Route
25[Holiday]08:0208:34(D)12:14Osaka to Takayama
25[Weekday]07:5808:31(D)12:14Osaka to Takayama
36[Holiday]15:3419:17(A)19:50Takayama to Osaka
36[Weekday]15:3419:17(A)19:50Takayama to Osaka


NoパターンFeatureDuration(min.)Fare(JPY)Detail(Ticket+Exprss Ticket Fare)
1Limited Express Hida25/36No exchangeApprox.2607,9205,500+2,420
2Normal Train RouteLowest PriceApprox.280~3007,3605,500+1,860
3Shinkansen RouteShortest timeApprox.220~30010,0106,380+3,630
Data as of 2022/05/29

Advantages and disadvantages.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest advantage is, of course, that you don’t need to change trains.Also, the train to Takayama arrives around noon, so it is possible to go sightseeing as it is.And the price is not too high.

However, regarding the price, the following products are also used for foreign tourists. You should definitely check it out.


ジャパン・レール・パス | JAPAN RAIL PASS 日本観光になくてはならないJAPAN RAIL PASSは、JRグループ6社が共同して提供するパスです。

Going back to the story, the disadvantage is that the ride time is longer than 4 hours.

How to buy

Tickets and limited express tickets can be purchased at JR counters, ticket vending machines, and other major travel agency counters.

However, when purchasing at JR, you need to be careful as you may not be able to purchase it unless you are at the station where you departed from.

Or you can buy it online and redeem it later.

However, I would like to leave it up to each person to decide if they can read Japanese or if they need to translate and purchase it.

I will introduce how to purchase at the Japanese travel agency “JTB” below.

▼How to buy Limited Express Hida ticket from JTB(*Japanese Only)

【解説】JTBのWEB予約で特急ひだ25/36号を選択する方法 1日1往復しかない特急ひだ25/36号を、JTBのWEB予約で選択する方法を説明します。 【1.予約ページにアクセス】 「新幹線・JR+ホテル・旅館 ツアー(ダイナミックパッケ...


As explained so far, it is possible to go sightseeing in Takayama without changing trains by using the Limited Express Hida 25/36.

Please use this as a reference when traveling to Osaka and Takayama.

If you want to know more about Takayama, please refer to the following pages. It’s in Japanese, but there are some pictures, so I think you can understand the atmosphere.

▼8 sightseeing spots in Takayama

飛騨高山で散策と食べ歩き 観光スポット8選 【宮川沿い東側が栄えている】 高山駅には出口が二ヶ所ありますが観光地が集まっているのは東側です。 主に宮川沿いに古い町並みなどがあり、散策が楽しめます。 今回は...

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